When Adults are Boring…Make Your Own Fun

On Friday we had a few friends over and Wildchild found our convo boring. So…

A little lip balm and a lot of Kleenex and voila! A zombie in our midst! 


Shelf Elf – volunteering at the school library


There are lots of parent volunteer opportunities at the school my son attends.  Field Trip Supervisors (yikes!), Classroom Helper (eeps!), Parent Council (oih!), but my favourite is Library Helper.   This wonderful job requires one afternoon every other month. You spend your time re-shelving returned books – picture books (easy), chapter books (fun), and reference books (think dewy decimal!).  If you enjoy order and tidy shelves, this is the job for you.

I find it quite relaxing to sort out the books and then put them away.  Deciding which will be selected for display at the top of the shelf and neatly stacking the rest in hopes of making it easier for kids to find what they are looking for.  There is a satisfaction in the work.

There is another benefit.  Classes come with their teacher for library time while you are volunteering.  You get to observe their interaction and gain insight into the goings on at the school and what the teachers are like – knowing that your kid might end up in their class.  It has been very enlightening.


Cake Craze

Birthday cakes for kids have gone so crazy!  When I was a kid, having a cake baked by your mom was special enough.  My mom often spelt out our name in chocolate chips or put coins wrapped in wax paper into the cake.  My brother-in-law has fond memories of his cakes have Jello poked into it.

Maybe its thanks the food shows and blogs  or Pinterest, but these days kids cakes are sometimes as intricate as wedding cakes!  I have not been immune to this trend.  From the time my oldest son was 2, I have been making the kids’ birthday cakes based on a requested theme.  I have made most of them myself.  The few that I havent’s done, I’ve bought from local moms who bake cakes for others to make some income.

The kids and I start talking about the cake a few months before their birthday to try to nail down a consistent theme and so that there is time to figure out how to pull it off.    The good news is that t doesn’t have to look like it came from a bakery.  Kids aren’t critical of the product (just look at the accuracy of their own drawings!).  They are happy with being able to  come up with the idea and/or help with the cake.  They are also proud that their mom made it just for them.

Self Care – an afternoon with interesting women working on our manis

In this digital age where we keep up with people’s lives through social media and technology, and everyone seems so busy, personal contact and visits seem to fall by the way side.   I don’t mean playdates for the kids.  I mean real-time for yourself with friends.   This past Saturday was the exception to that rule.

I spent the afternoon with seven women whose ages varied from 16 to 49.  We sat around my dinning room table getting to know each other, spinning tales, laughing and working on our manicures.  Two of these women were self-professed tom-boys, but that didn’t really matter.  The company was good and the activity was fun.

Have you heard about Jamberry Nails?  They are one of the latest home based direct sales companies to hit our market recently.  They are heat and pressure activated nail wraps that take the place of professional manicure and messy, smelly nail polish.  Full disclosure:  both my sister and sister-in-law are Jamberry Independent Consultants.  To get the whole scoop check out http://www.hjm.jamberrynails.net

After attending a few parties, my sister and decided that we would invite people who had Jamberry Nails and those who were interested in them to come to a tutorial session once a month. There is no pressure to buy – there are plenty of freebies floating about.  These events aren’t about buying or selling.  They are women sitting around discussing, selecting, and putting on nail wraps amid conversation and the commandery of womanhood.

A Day In The Mountains – for no reason but FAMILY!

On Sunday we headed out to the mountains to get together with the in-laws and cousins for burgers cooked over a fire and kids playing in the snow.  Sometimes we cross country ski and sometimes we snow shoe, but today we just played in the snow and slid around on the ice.

This Week’s Supper Menu

We sit down and eat together. Activities are planned around family not the other way around.

Based on the weather forecast – its Monday and I’m updating the Menu to allow for BBQ!

Sunday:  Buffet of Leftovers (we came home late from spending the day in the mountains)

Monday:  BBQ Cheese Smokies on buns served with sweet kale salad

Tuesday:  Pork Carnitas served with Green Salad and avacado dressing

Wednesday:  DIY Individual Pizza served with assorted raw veggies

Thursday:  Hong Kong Chicken Wings (cooked on the BBQ) served with Bazmatti rice and steamed broccoli

Friday:  Jamie Oliver Mint & Pea Pasta (Food Revolution)

Saturday:  BBQ Chicken, Bacon, avocado Roll Ups (adapted from http://www.lifewiththecrustcutoff.com/ranch-chicken-club-roll-ups/ )